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Alexis Reiter
Alexis Reiter - Professional calligrapher
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Alexis Reiter | Marriage Officiant | Marriage Commissioner | Professional calligrapher | Edmonton, Alberta Edmonton Calligraphic Society

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Contacting me, couldn’t be easier. While I prefer traditional methods of communication, your welcome to contact me directly through my web site utilizing features provided along the right hand column and accessable from any page.

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My direct phone number is: (780) 448-9674. I may be reached by fax as well at: (780) 432-4828 or by email at:

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Alexis Reiter - Edmonton Marriage Commissioner






Again, thank you for visiting Alexis Design and don't hesitate to reach out. Your calls, questions and comments are always welcome.

Marriage Commissioner

In addition to calligraphic art work I am a provincially licensed Marriage Commissioner. If you should require the services of a Marriage Commissioner, don’t hesitate to contact me or visit my Marriage Officiate web site.

Alexis Reiter - Professional calligrapher

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